Repairs and Services

Our concrete mixer structure repair and service is a comprehensive support that includes hydraulic repairs, sandblasting, painting, and welding repairs. With our experience and advanced technology, we restore full functionality and appearance to your concrete mixer, ensuring its long-term performance.

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Our company offers professional gearbox repair services for concrete mixers, which include comprehensive repair and maintenance actions. The gearbox is one of the key components in concrete mixers, responsible for their efficient operation. Therefore, we provide our customers with quick and effective repairs to minimize downtime and keep the equipment in excellent condition.

Our gearbox repair service for concrete mixers includes:

Fault diagnosis

Our experienced team of technicians conducts a thorough gearbox diagnosis to identify any faults or issues.


After repair, we always recommend regular maintenance of the gearbox to prevent potential future failures and keep it in the best possible condition.

Customization to meet customer needs

We understand that different gearboxes have different specifications. Therefore, our service is flexible and tailored to the individual needs of each customer.


If a major overhaul is necessary, our advanced tools and expertise allow us to effectively restore the gearbox to full functionality. We replace damaged parts with new ones, ensuring their durability and performance.

Testing and Quality Control

Before delivering the repaired gearbox to the customer, we conduct thorough testing and quality control to ensure that it operates as expected and meets the highest standards.

If your concrete mixer requires gearbox repair, regardless of the scale of the problem, you can rely on our professional assistance. With our experience, commitment to quality, and timeliness, we will work to restore your equipment to full functionality, allowing you to continue your projects without delays.